Ken Bolger’s work is based on Celtic mythology and an ancient ogham script.

He uses reclaimed copper in much of his work, and a visit to his gallery and studio brings home the sheer versatility of these raw materials.

His copper pieces tell tales of ancient voyages, battles and warriors, each piece is unique due to the creativity and specific techniques that Ken has developed over many years for aging the copper to his will.

“Having worked with slate for many years I wanted to diversify while staying with a medium that was also connected to the environment as well as affected by the environment. This is where copper comes into place.  I use a series of techniques that change the way the copy looks in the same way that copy left to the elements changes its texture and colour.  As an artist I am just create a scene influenced by the place I live using the natural dark and shade that weathered copper gives.” – Ken Bolger 2020

Well versed in the traditional 19th Century techniques of the long-gone artisans of Valentia Island, Ken’s demonstrations are not to be missed.

For commission work or to view Kens latest pieces contact him directly by phone or email.